Interview: Nicke Andersson

Photo by Peder Carlsson
Photography of Peder Carlsson

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In a few weeks Imperial State Electric will visit Spain to play some shows, so we had the oportunity to talk with Nicke Andersson, leader of the band and also known for his work in the bands Entombed and The Hellacopters. If you are interested in his differents projects and you are curious about his influences or his musical taste, this interview is for you.

PART 1. News of the band:

1. Imperial State Electric is your 11th project and many of their fans have been fans of The Hellacopters as well. What do you think they could experience by attending in one of the Imperial State Electric concerts?

I think they will be able to experience a high energy rock and roll show that is unrivalled these days. If I may say so myself. If I wasn’t in the band I would be a huge fan.

2. “All Through the Night” is your last album released in 2016, what would the difference be between it and all the previous ones? Any chance we are going to see a new release any time soon?

The main difference is the songs themselves and that for this album we got Frans Hägglund to mix it. Other than that I think I the song Break It Down sets itself apart a bit because of the country flavor. Pedal steel is an instrument that haven’t graced an Imperial State Electric record until All Through The Night.

3. We are glad to see that many Spanish cities are on your tour list where great food and beautiful places are worldwide well-known, any location you are especially interested in staying in and enjoying a little of time off maybe?

No, I like every place a lot. I can’t wait to get there again.

4. Many projects, bands, production, own label… Do you have any spare time to do something else not musically related? Any hobby you would like to share with us?

No, I don’t have much spare time. I do read books and watch movies and tv series now and then but I’d say music takes up 83 % of my time. Just the way I like it.

5. What about the recent reunion of The Hellacopters? Why Kenny has not participated in it?

It has been absolutely awesome to play these shows with The Hellacopters again. Kenny made the decision to not participate anymore. Only Kenny himself can give you the reason why.

6. We are aware that unfortunately Ginger Wildheart (Supershit 666) is unwell, do you know anything about it? Would you like to do something else with Supershit 666 someday?

Yes, I know a little bit about it and it’s very heartbreaking. I wish him all the best and that he gets back on track soon. I’d love to do something more with Supershit 666.

7. We see Sweden as one of the greater countries in Europe for many reasons and one of them is obviously music and all their bands that are worldwide on the top. What do you think a country like Spain should do in order to look more like Sweden?

I wouldn’t want Spain to look like Sweden at all. I like Spain fine as it is. As for music and bands in general I don’t know.

8. Any new underground band you are listening to at the moment? Any Spanish you may know perhaps?

The Dahmers are really good. Just saw them play the other week. I’m afraid I’m way out of the loop when it comes to new Spanish bands but I plan to get hipper when we get there in September.

9. Could you mention any new band you think we need to listen to please?

The Dahmers


10. One band. One album. One song.

Ramones. Road To Ruin. I Don’t Want You.

11. A musical dream reached.

The magic of old JBL speakers.

12. A musical dream to be reached.

Play lead guitar as good as Buck Dharma.

13. One band you would like to support.

ZZ Top

14. One festival you would like to play in.

Azkena again.

15. A collaboration with…

Buck Dharma.

16. A message you would like to say to any of those new bands that are trying their best in this difficult time for music.

Keep on keeping on rocking. To the death.


17. Would you briefly talk us about 5 albums that probably have been essential for you personally or musically please?

Ramones – “Road To Ruin

My first and favourite Ramones album. Their dark album and I’ve loved it since I bought it in the early eighties. When we master our albums I always compare it to this one because I think it sounds so good. The top end is beautiful.

Kiss – “Rock And Roll Over

My first Kiss album and the album that got me hooked on music in the first place. It’s got a guitar tone to die for and Ace’s solos are impeccable.

Sex Pistols – “Never Mind The Bollocks

Rock and roll perfection. Another guitar tone to die for. This album sounds so good it’s scary.

Slayer – “Reign In Blood

When it comes to this type of music nothing can touch this album. Nothing. It’s also beautifully short and to the point.

The Beatles – “Help

I saw the movie 20 times when I was a kid. It’s got some of my absolute favourite Beatles songs on it. Their version of Dizzy Miss Lizzy is so criminally awesome it hurts.


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